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The US missile attack on a Syrian airbase: the most dangerous escalation in Syria

By Fazal Rahman, Ph.D.                  April 8, 2017

In some earlier articles (1, 2), I had described the dangers of escalations of wars and civil wars in Syria and Middle East by provocative military actions of Turkey, US, NATO, their so-called Coalition Forces, and foreign and domestic terrorists, financed, trained, and armed by them.  In Syria, in opposition to them, and in support of the legitimate government of Syria, which they have been trying to overthrow since 2011, the superpower of Russia and the great regional power of Iran have also intervened very effectively, and have been crucial in turning the tide in favor of the Syrian government.  All the major anti-state terrorist groups in Syria are in retreat and the Syrian government forces are getting closer to complete victory and establishment of control over all of its territory. Continue reading


Dangerous escalations of war and civil war in Syria

By Fazal Rahman, Ph.D.           November 25, 2015

The following immediate reaction is prompted by the disturbing, but not unexpected, news of some dangerous escalations in the war and civil war in the already devastated country of Syria. Continue reading

Normalization of relations between Cuba and USA: the beginning of the end of 1959 Cuban Socialist Revolution

By Fazal Rahman, Ph.D.                    January 19, 2015

After surviving more than 56 years of all types of aggressive efforts by US imperialism to destroy the 1959 Cuban Socialist Revolution (CSR)-including the infamous 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion; numerous attempts to assassinate its leader, Fidel Castro; huge economic damages caused by economic embargo, sanctions, and other measures; constant CIA operations and creation and support of the so-called dissident counter-revolutionary groups inside Cuba etc.-taking advantage of the current conditions of extreme difficulties, faced by the small Third World nation of Cuba, as result of the grand betrayal of communism and socialism by the socialist giants of former USSR and China, as well as by former socialist East European countries-with which it had overwhelming parts of economic, trade, military, political and other relations-the US imperialist government has initiated actions to destroy the remnants of CSR by a new powerful maneuver: establishment of diplomatic relations and embassies, as a first step towards the subversion of CSR, as well as the following related objectives: Continue reading

Russia and China: After Afghanistan, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya, Iran, and Syria, where will the retreat end?

 Fazal Rahman, Ph.D.                                      September 28, 2013

In the Syrian crisis, like those of Afghanistan, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Iran, and Libya, Russia and China have again caved in to the Western and US imperialism by imposing a unilateral Syrian chemical weapons removal or destruction, without a shred of evidence that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons during the civil war.  All the circumstantial logical and factual evidence indicates that it was the anti-government forces that used these weapons to provoke the Western military strikes against the government forces, strikes that have been threatened in such a scenario for a long time now.   Continue reading