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A brief comment on the recent attack by a faction of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) on the Bacha Khan University in Pakistan

By Fazal Rahman, Ph.D.          January 24, 2016

Umar Mansoor and attackers of Charsadda university
Umar Mansoor (with long beard in the center) with the young attackers

This is a brief comment on the January 20, 2016 attack on the students and faculty of the Bacha Khan University (BKU) in Charsadda, Khyberpaktunkhwa (KPK) Province, in Pakistan, by four young militants of a Taliban faction, which is lead by Umar Mansoor, who also had masterminded the December 16, 2014 attack on Army Public School (APS) at Peshawar, in the same province, in which 150 students and faculty were killed and 121 wounded. Reports of figures for the BKU attack vary between 22 to 50 killed and dozens injured. All four of the young attackers from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) were also killed by the security forces.  I had written an article on the APS attack with the following link, in which I analyzed the nature and causes of state and non-state terrorism, as well as the foundation of these in the US and NATO invasions and wars in South Asia. That analysis is also applicable to these problems in the Middle East and elsewhere. This comment should be read within the context and analysis of that earlier paper. As mentioned in that paper, thousands of people in the FATA-in which Umar Mansoor is a member of one of the tribes-have been killed and wounded in the Pakistani military operations and US drone attacks (actual figures, which are likely to be much higher, are not available, as journalists and others are not allowed in the attacked areas), and one million made homeless and internally displaced persons, and thousands fleeing to Afghanistan as refugees. Continue reading


Extremist capitalist class and police brutality in Pakistan: Demolitions of slums in Islamabad

Islamabad demolitions3 Islamabad demolitions1 Islamabad demolitions4 Islamabad demolitions2

Islamabad demolitions6

Pictures: Scenes during and after the demolitions.  Children crying at the loss of their huts, women wailing and protesting, part of the slum after demolitions. A slum woman being dragged and thrown down from the roof of her family hut, by the Pakistani policewomen

The following article was published in the Pakistani English language newspaper on July 30, 2015.  It is self-explanatory and contains a couple of videos showing policemen and policewomen demolishing the overcrowded tiny little miserable shacks, built of mud and whatever thousands of poor workers and their families could find-in a slum, called Afghan Basti, in the I-11 Area of Islamabad-on vacant public land.  Afghan Basti has been there for decades and most of its inhabitants are reported to be Pakistani Pashtuns or Afghan refugees-many of whom are now legal residents of Pakistan-who started arriving there decades ago, as a result of US instigated wars and invasions of Afghanistan.  They are parts of the victims of geopolitical and economic plans and actions of US and NATO imperialism and their Pakistani government and military clients.  Pakistani government, military, and business elites siphoned off billions of dollars from the American and other western aid and military expenditures to their private wealth. The Pashtuns and Afghan refugees built these primitive dwellings with their own hard labor, in the vacant land near Islamabad, at the same time working for very low wages in menial jobs.  Most men work in construction; in fruit and vegetable markets; cleaning the streets, buildings, and houses; as gardeners, plumbers, drivers etc.  Women work for very little pay as domestic servants.  Pakistani upper and middle classes take full advantage of their poverty and exploit them to the maximum, much more so than the Pakistani workers.  Now, after demolishing their dwellings, the government and businesses plan to “develop” that area and build houses for the rich and shopping malls etc., which are extremely profitable for people who have accumulated great amounts of wealth through corruption, drugs and arms smuggling, and other nefarious means, and are able and eager to invest in such ventures.  Estimates of their numbers at this particular slum vary between 8,000 and 20,000, innumerable small children among them. Continue reading

The Context of attack on the military-run school in Peshawar, Pakistan

By Fazal Rahman, Ph.D.                                      December 17, 2014

Six Taliban attackers of army school in PeshawarTaliban who attacked Peshawar Army school (another picture3)

Pictures of six Taliban who attacked the Peshawar army-run school (Pictures released by Taliban).  The mastermind of the attack on the school was Umar Mansoor, also known as Umar Naray (with long beard) , the Taliban military chief of the Dara Adam Khel tribal area, which is adjacent to Kohat.

Principle's office after the attackScence of final gun battle in Peshawar school

Pictures of school Principal’s office and room of final gun battle.

As usual, most people and news media in the US and the West are fragmenting, abstracting, and condemning this incident one-sidedly, in isolated form and out of its historical context.  Following are some of the relevant points to be included in any credible and truthful politico-economic or ethical conclusions, judgments, or feelings in this matter.  Wars, all forms of terrorism, losses of lives, and destructions of the means of living are abhorable anywhere.  However, it is necessary to move from the subjective and emotional into objective and rational and to place such incidents in their accurate historical, logical, and factual context, and see and analyze them within that developmental process.  Only then one can hope to arrive at the objective truth of the matter. Continue reading

The Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee’s lockstep march with the NATO imperialism: Awarding of the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize to Malala.

By Fazal Rahman, Ph.D.                 October 23, 2014

Third World’s traitors have always been the heroes and darlings of the West, while its real heroes have always been demonized and frequently exterminated.


The 2014 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to two individuals, who did nothing to comply with the requirements of Nobel’s specifications, and as shown below in the article, one of them, Malala did the opposite.  Her various national and international activities, and her inflation to grotesque proportions in the West by the media and the powers-that-be-in the service of Pakistan-US-NATO state terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan-have caused the intensification of conflicts and tensions.  The alleged attack on her by the Taliban was systematically magnified and presented internationally, with important facts deliberately omitted and substituted with lies.  After that, US and NATO as well as domestic pressures greatly increased on the Pakistani government and military to launch a military operation in North Waziristan and other tribal areas, on the border of Afghanistan.  That operation has been launched and has caused enormous devastation, losses of life and property, and one million Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).  The international use and magnification of the incidence of Malala was one of the causes of this new Pakistan-US state terrorism.

Among other things, the reaction to this award in the West shows the deformation of mass psychology, under the prolonged conditioning of the most powerful politico-economic forces of imperialism and its false-consciousness-creating  propaganda systems.

Continue reading

Massive state terrorisms of the 21st Century and the current Israeli state terrorism in Gaza

gaza_graphic_80 N._Waziristan_IDPs_children_and_others_waiting_for_rations

The first picture shows some of the more than a hundred Palestinian children killed by the Israelis in Gaza.  The second picture shows adult and children IDPs from North Waziristan waiting for rations in the sizzling heat, far away from their homes.

Fazal Rahman, Ph.D.                                  July 23, 2014


The 21st Century started with the massive US state and NATO terrorism in Afghanistan and later in Iraq, which has been covered extensively by numerous publications and other media, including this writer’s (1, 2).  There is no need to go into the most sinister horrors of those here. Later, US and NATO also devastated Libya, causing the murder of its leader Muammar Gaddafi and some of his sons, and throwing the country into destructive anarchy.  Their financial, intelligence, training, and armaments support of the anti-government forces in Syria continues to wreak havoc in that country.  Russia continued its state terror in Chechnya from the two invasions during 1990s, first between 1994 and 1996, and the second starting in 1999.  In 2002, after inflicting great destruction and losses of lives, it claimed that the war was over and Chechnya was pacified.  However, the Chechen national liberationists continue their guerrilla warfare in various forms.  Western devastations of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria were incomparably greater than that of Russia in Chechnya.  The Indian state terrorism of many decades continues unabated in Kashmir in this century.  So does the Israeli state terrorism against the Palestinians in Gaza and elsewhere.  Multiple state terrorisms and terrorisms continue in Syria, on the one hand, that of the Syrian government, and on the other, those of the Western powers, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other oil-rich countries of the Middle East, and various rebel groups, which are being financed, trained, and armed by them.  Pakistan also unleashed its massive state terrorism several times in Swat, South and North Waziristan, and other areas of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), which is continuing (3).  Most contemporary imperialist states and their Third World clients have become incomparably bigger and more powerful organized crime organizations than Mafia.  This is no exaggeration, as they feed on the misery, impoverishment, and exploitation of billions of people.  Mafia cannot even come close to them in the types and levels of crimes and sins they commit against humanity, human nature, other forms of life, and nature. Continue reading

The Pakistan-US state terrorism in North Waziristan and FATA

N. Waziristan-People fleeing the state terrorism4

By Fazal Rahman, Ph.D.         June 20, 2014

The current ongoing military operation in North Waziristan, by the Pakistan military forces, is the worst form of state terrorism imaginable and crime against humanity. One does not even hear a sparrow’s chirp against it by the western news media or politicians. This is in contrast to the deafening noises that were made against the incomparably limited military actions that were conducted by the Libyan government forces, under the late Moammar Gadhafi, against the rebellion in Benghazi and some other parts of Libya. These noises have also been continuous in case of Syria, where government forces are fighting against the rebellion that is being funded and supported by the West, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other oil rich dictatorships in the Middle East. The US and the West have a long history of contradictory double standards in these matters. They blatantly support and rationalize or ignore the atrocities committed by their allies and clients, and greatly exaggerate, distort, and pervert the nature of actions taken by governments and states, which they aim to overthrow and replace, against the rebellions that are, in almost all the cases, instigated and fueled by them to begin with. In Pakistan, that history is being repeated with total predictability. The hypocrisy and dishonesty involved in that have devastating effects on one’s remaining faith and expectations in the qualities of human nature, which have already been greatly eroded by such long history. In fact, the absence of hypocrisy and dishonesty in the policies and actions of the US, the West, and their allies and clients would now be truly shocking and surprising. This is the reflection of real nature of international politico-economic reality that has been created by the US and Western capitalism and imperialism throughout this physically and spiritually polluted planet. Continue reading

Pakistan in October 2012: A nation hallucinated with the bait of Malala Yousufzai’s shooting

Fazal Rahman, Ph.D.               October 18, 2012




Pakistanis are being flooded with “news”, “information”, articles, commentaries, blogs, and various forms of propaganda about the shooting of a 15 years old young woman from Swat, Malala Yousufzai (previously she was said to be 14 years old, but some more recent information indicates that she is 15).  It has been alleged that she was shot on the orders of Tehrik-e-Taliban of Pakistan (TTP).  So, why write another article, knowing that it would probably be wasted in the flood of propaganda, disinformation, lies, half-truths, and all types of subjective and emotional diarrhea, in which the rationality and intelligence of people, especially of the Pakistanis, are being drowned, turning them into partners and tools of the powers that are doing all that for their sinister plots and objectives, described below?  The answer is that the author is committed to doing what is necessary, regardless of the results or consequences. Continue reading