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A critique of contemporary leftist and Marxist political scene: Underestimation of the Subjective Dimension and theoretical development and renewal

By Fazal Rahman, Ph.D.                                       Written in June 2017

What have centuries of capitalism and imperialism done to human nature and mass psychology?  Why is there so little discussion on this and associated problems of alienation, reification, and dehumanization, which are complex and multidimensional phenomena, requiring great deal of research and thought?  Are leftists, Marxists, and working class immune to these?  Marx frequently commented passionately and eloquently on these issues.  He and some insightful Marxists that followed him, like Che Guevara, put great emphasis on the creation of a New Man, as one of the most important goals of the socialist revolution and building of a socialist and communist society, and considered the human nature, developed under capitalism, to be dehumanized and subhuman. Continue reading


Occupy Wall Street: Potentials and limitations of the 2011 American Protests

 Fazal Rahman, Ph.D.                                          Completed October 10, 2011

First posted on Dandelion Salad

Spontaneous nature and origin of the protests

In absence of organization or direction from a political party or organization, the 2011 American Protests-being called the Occupy Wall Street-can only be described as spontaneous in their origin and nature, a manifestation of rage against high unemployment; extremist economic injustices and inequalities, adversely affecting countless millions of people, in all areas of life; and demonic self-righteous, selfish, and insatiable accumulation and enjoyment of wealth and greed by a tiny minority of the wealthy and the corporations, in the midst of all this misery.  As such, these mass protests are essentially the bursting out of the accumulated mass pressures and tensions, which have built up over the years of rapidly increasing misery and deprivations, engulfing vast numbers of people, in a country that constantly boasts of being the most democratic and richest in the world. Continue reading