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New missile attack on Syria: Imperialist governments’ policies, actions, and media reports and analyses based on the premises of lies and deceptions

Fazal Rahman                 4.16.2018

If one thought that after numerous lies and fabrications by the American and European political leaders and media, during military attacks and invasions of various Third World countries, one had become resistant to being shocked by these, the elaborate constructions based upon lies and illusions, in case of the new missile attacks on Syria, certainly proves one wrong.  Not only the lies and illusions, but clone-like collaboration with and repetition of these by supposedly highly educated and experienced politicians, media reporters and writers, and academics, jolt one’s mind to dizziness by seeing such transnational mass corruptibility and insanity.  Continue reading


The US missile attack on a Syrian airbase: the most dangerous escalation in Syria

By Fazal Rahman, Ph.D.                  April 8, 2017

In some earlier articles (1, 2), I had described the dangers of escalations of wars and civil wars in Syria and Middle East by provocative military actions of Turkey, US, NATO, their so-called Coalition Forces, and foreign and domestic terrorists, financed, trained, and armed by them.  In Syria, in opposition to them, and in support of the legitimate government of Syria, which they have been trying to overthrow since 2011, the superpower of Russia and the great regional power of Iran have also intervened very effectively, and have been crucial in turning the tide in favor of the Syrian government.  All the major anti-state terrorist groups in Syria are in retreat and the Syrian government forces are getting closer to complete victory and establishment of control over all of its territory. Continue reading