I am an interdisciplinary researcher and writer, with background in many areas of biological and social sciences.  I have lived and worked in many countries, like the USA, Brazil, Pakistan, Lebanon, and Zambia, as a scientist and head of research and development programs and centers.  I have done in-depth and extensive studies on Marxism, Leninism, phenomenology, existentialism, political economy of capitalism and socialism, political economy of the USA and former USSR, technocracy, psychology, mass psychology, and genetics, etc., and formulated and published a new, original, interdisciplinary, and macro-level theory on the biosocial regulation of human nature by the powerful, combined, and intertwined social forces of social systems (capitalism, imperialism, socialism, various mixtures in the Third World etc.), technocracy, and cultures, in an interdisciplinary scientific journal in the US.  One of the most important and disturbing conclusions of my theoretical research in this area is that the inner ecology of human nature itself is being disrupted and eroded by the politico-economic and cultural forces of advanced capitalism and advanced technocracy.

As a minority citizen of the U.S.-where Homo sapiens seems to have been transformed into Homo dollarus-I have lived here more than half my life and suffered all the consequences of its multidimensional forms of intellectual,  politico-economic, philosophical, racist, and national origin discrimination and career destruction.   Dostoevsky had observed that suffering is the origin of consciousness.   As I did not impede suffering to lead to that result, on the positive side, it has led to knowledge and insights about the Land of the Homo dollarus and its inhabitants that I might not have gained without it.

I am fully aware that Homo dollarus has been most effectively immunized against all true and profound analyses, writings, truths, justice, real higher human qualities and values, and real and true meanings of interrelated facts and events.  Homo dollarus is addicted and dedicated to slavery to the capital and capitalists, worship of things, money, and the power based upon these, as well as to shallowness, superfluity, and various types of hedonism.  Anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, leftist, socialist, and Marxist analyses, ideas, and words trigger immediate negative Pavlovian reactions in it. However, I am dedicated to doing what is necessary, regardless of the results.  That is why I continue to write within this sinister social, cultural, and mass psychological reality.

If you wish to contact me, please use the contact button and leave your email address there for me to respond.  All genuine inquiries and communications will be answered.

Fazal Rahman, Ph.D.


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