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  1. Hello Dr. Fazal Rahman,

    My name is Casey and I am a junior undergrad student of philosophy and French. I came upon your blog during my current assigned research of fundamental religious groups. This research is pertaining to my French class (of which the professor is a scholar of the African Diaspora and imperialism of the West) called “Islam in West African Society”.

    With that being said, I’ve been particularly doing my research on the Islamic State (ISIS/Daesh) and have found a lot of my (internet) research to be quite complicated. Knowing of course that not everything on the internet nor the media may be permitted as the absolute and unadulterated/exaggerated truth, I am now quite lost in comprehension of the full story of ISIS.
    If you could respond with aid and clarification I would be very grateful and appreciative.

    So from what I understand so far, briefly, Daesh has its origins in Iraq as a split– or renaming of Al-Qaeda. From Iraq, Al Qaeda was formed in response to the US Invasion to take over their oil (?and to spread democracy/western “civilized” values?). And due to Al-Qaeda as a rebel group, it caused the emergence of civil wars in the surrounding area (?to spread/retain fundamental Muslim values?). From here, why did Al-Qaeda branch off to ISIS and how does ISIS attract Muslims from around the world (US and Europe) to join them in their “terrorism”?

    Your help and further leads will be greatly appreciated


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