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Continued killings of blacks in the US by police: Some essential objective requirements for analyzing and understanding their nature and causes

By Fazal Rahman, Ph.D.                      July 10, 2016

Philando Castile's racist murder by cops in Minnesota

Philando Castile’s racist murder by cops in Minnesota

Alton Sterling murdered by white cops

Alton Sterling murdered by White cops in Louisiana

“Would this have happened if the driver and the passengers were white? I don’t think it would have.  So I’m forced to confront that this kind of racism exists, and it’s incumbent upon all of us to vow and ensure that it doesn’t happen and doesn’t continue to happen.” (Minnesota Governor, Mark Dayton, on the police killing of Philando Castile, in his state.)

 “I was already fuming when I woke up this morning over Baton Rouge, but for it to happen here again just pushed me right over the edge,” said truck driver Thomas Michaels, 42, who was among the protesters in St. Paul.

“We live in a racist society where black lives don’t matter, my kids lives don’t matter and I’m sick of it. I don’t even know if it can be fixed,” he said.

 Another protester, retail worker Tanya McDonald, 28, said: “What gets me is how many people are failing to see that this is happening almost every day. We’re dying, we’re being killed off by people hiding behind a badge and no one’s doing anything to stop it.” (1) Continue reading


Report on racism and discrimination in the US Department of Agriculture, US Department of Justice, Federal court system, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, other agricultural institutions, the scientific establishment, and the US society in general



By   Fazal Rahman, Ph.D.                        November 25, 2013  

Postscript 1.1.2015

The recent repeated killings of young black males (YBMs) in several American states, like Missouri, New York, Ohio, and California -almost all of them unarmed, except in Berkeley, Missouri, where police claims that the YBM pointed a gun at the policeman, before the latter fired on him and killed him (very unlikely, as that YBM was not found to have fired any shots at the policeman.  The gun may have been planted after the killing)-and the Grand Juries’ decisions not to even indict the killer cops, have sparked nationwide protests by the Blacks and their supporters, against such monstrous classist-racist injustices.  Blacks and their supporters are focusing on a single issue in these cases, that is, the racist police brutality and killings of Blacks with impunity. However, it is essential to also place these within the context of   political economy of the interactions of racism and classism in this society, and identify and understand the precise causes that are created by these interactions, which produce all the various classist and racist institutions, including those of the law enforcement agencies and the police departments.  The police departments are not alone in inflicting monstrous injustices and atrocities on the Blacks and other minorities, even though, these become glaring and become widely publicized, because of their very nature, and the large scale protests that these provoke among the victimized and oppressed communities in the country.  Incomparably larger numbers of professional, economic, and judicial injustices and atrocities are committed against the Blacks and other minorities by almost all the various public, private, government, judicial, and other institutions, also with impunity, in most cases.  This report concretely documents and analyzes the nature and causes of these sinister problems in this sinister classist and racist political economy, system, and society, illustrating these with specific examples of the USDA, EEOC, USDOJ, and the Federal Court system.

Single issue foci cannot even make a dent, much less solve these colossal and complex problems.  Only when the single and individual issues and problems are comprehended in their accurate politico-economic and social context, the discovery of their real meanings, nature, causes, and solutions becomes possible. The powers-that-be and the status quo want to prevent this from happening at all costs, as their continued domination and control depend on the continuation of fragmentations and mutilations of and disconnections between various parts of reality, problems, and issues.  The single-issue approaches play right into their hands.

Blacks and other minorities are facing huge problems of multidimensional oppression, repression, discrimination, impoverishment, and criminalization in the classist-racist politico-economic structure of this society, as well as betrayal by the organizations and leaders that claim to represent their interests.  When these organizations and leaders are allowed to cross the class barriers and become part of the upper economic classes, they melt into that class structure and, both consciously and unconsciously, strive to preserve that classist status quo.  By doing that, objectively, they end up also preserving the racist status quo, whether they realize it or not.

At this stage of the developments, it is essential for the minorities to create new organizations, new leadership, new unities, new programs, new strategies and tactics, new strength and vigor-all on the basis of new insights, knowledge, and understanding of the classist and racist politico-economic structure, which objectively generates all the problems, issues, causes, and effects and that are then reflected, on the subjective level, in the mass psychologies and cultures of various institutions, as well as in the mass psychologies and cultures of various classes and races, in this society.

End of Postscript 1.1.15

The following report was written on May 19, 1999, and copies were sent to the USDA and EEOC, which made them even more viciously hostile towards me.  I was forced to leave the US for a few years, but returned because of the US and NATO invasion of Afghanistan and related civil war and other conflicts on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, where I had moved to.  On my return, the racist, politico-economic, and philosophical discriminatory destruction of my career continued unabated.  Not a finger was lifted to help me in my struggle for justice and fairness against the cross-institutional networks of the powerful giant bureaucracies of USDA, USDOJ, EEOC, and the Federal court system, the various officials of which collaborated with each other in a clone-like fashion.  I have added those experiences under “2013 additions to the report”, at the end of the 1999 Report, on pages 63 to 112. 

The politico-economic and racist oppression and exclusion of and discrimination against the minorities, under the administration of the first so-called Black President of the US, Barack  Obama, not only continues unabated, but has actually worsened and increased.

USDA was forced into $3.5 billion settlements with hundreds of thousands of minority farmers for decades of discriminatory practices against them.  More details can be found under Item Numbers 4, 5, and 7 at the end of this report.

I feel as if I have landed on a Planet of the Demons.  Only the most wicked and evil demons can do what has been done to me here, in the “Home of the Brave”, and “Land of the Free”.  My own personal experience is a miniscule part of this country’s long diabolical history of genocides-starting with that of the Native Americans and theft of their whole country-, slavery of and discrimination against the Blacks and other minorities, constant invasions and robbery of the resources of numerous Third World countries-most recently of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya-, plunder of the resources of other nations through neocolonialism, globalization of classist and racist injustice and inequality, and transformation of Homo sapiens into Homo dollarus in its own territory, as well as globally.

One of the  fundamental causes of this demonic reality is the mass slavery to totalitarian capital and capitalism and, in the state of extreme alienation and reification, experiencing it as freedom, when, in fact, the whole individual being-mind, body, and soul-as well as the whole social being, are engulfed and regulated by the totalitarian capital.  Mass and individual human mental apparatus in such conditions becomes a reflection of the relations of capital and things and their alienated and alienating powers.  There is very little, if any, free and unalienated and unreified space left there.  The more developed capitalism is in a given society, the more predominant and engulfing this particular type of slavery is in that society.

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