The American empire: denial, delusion & deception

Note by Fazal Rahman  4.17.2018

In this video, Professor Jerry Kroth, Professor Emeritus (Psychology), Santa Clara University, California, addresses the nature of American Empire, its worldwide operations and tentacles, effects on peoples of rest of the world and on Americans, widespread delusions, lies, and deceptions about the reality of this sinister system and its motives, etc.

Professor Kroth is one of the very rare academics, who has developed extensive knowledge outside his area of narrow specialization and is deeply concerned with the problems of social injustice, propaganda, brain-washing, militarism and wars, official lies and deceptions, imperialist system of exploitation and repressions, installation and support of very large numbers of repressive and brutal dictatorships and monarchies throughout the world by the American Empire, all in the name of “Freedom”, “Democracy”, and “Human Rights”. He has done a very good job in this video.

Why have overwhelming majority of Americans supported and collaborated with such a diabolical system? Why have they killed countless millions of people in various Third World countries, which were militarily, economically, and technologically no match for the US, on its behalf? Professor Kroth mentions the figure of 5 millions slaughtered. However, the actual number is far greater since the Second World War. It is not just the ignorance and disinformation. After all, even with average intelligence, knowledge, and information, most people should be able to see through the sinister veil of deceptions and lies, especially after such a long history of these, and many of their perpetrators having gotten caught red-handed with these and exposed. I am convinced that there are both conscious and unconscious causes of such mass complicity in the crimes and sins of the empire, with the unconscious playing much more important role than the consciousness.


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