The Target Is Your Brain 1984 Soviet Documentary

By Fazal Rahman, Ph.D.                                April 12, 2018

This is an excellent documentary, produced in the USSR in 1984, which documents some of the sinister capitalist-imperialist propaganda and various other techniques of brain-washing, mind-numbing-and-dumbing, animal and human experimentation, etc., by various institutions of American capitalism and imperialism, both domestically and internationally. Based upon diabolical applications of the discoveries of science and technology, and the research work of huge armies of psychologists and other scientists and technicians, such brain-washing has been globalized and is incomparably more effective in some areas, like advertising and mind-numbing-and-dumbing, than it was in Nazi Germany. It has been going on throughout the history of this country, and has been growing and becoming more effective. The election of a predatory, narcissistic, unstable, racist, and psychopathically militaristic oligarch, Donald Trump, to the presidency of a country that can unleash anthropocidal World War III, is the logical outcome of such mass psychology and culture, which in their turn are ultimately produced by the political economy of extremist imperialism, characteristic of US of A. Such mass psychology and culture can provide a fertile soil for the growth of fascism, under the right conditions.

Greedification, commodification, and brutalization of human nature have resulted in the creation of Homo dollarus, whose soul and intellect have been tailored to fit into and fulfill the requirements of Advanced Capitalist-Imperialist Technocratic Society (ACITS).  Communists, socialists, and other progressives have not identified or dealt with this great problem in the ACITS, which is one of the most important, perhaps the most important, problem in the erosion and mutilation of the Subjective Dimension of reality that not only prevents the transition to socialism, but will also continue to be a great problem, even if such a transition is somehow made.

Founders of Marxism-Leninism had described the capitalist dehumanization of human nature only in general terms, mostly through their own observations and critiques of previous philosophical assertions, which were also of general nature.  Scientific research information of great importance in some related area, like epigenetics, has mostly developed in the past twenty years or so, and was not available to them.  Hence, it was impossible for them to propose a comprehensive biosocial theory on this most important matter.  Nevertheless, they had pointed in the right directions and wrote about the possibility of replacement of capitalist human nature with communist human nature, which will result in the creation of a New Man.

Having background in biological sciences, epigenetics, and genetics, as well as in many social sciences and Marxism-Leninism, I have developed a comprehensive interdisciplinary biosocial theory on these very complex interdisciplinary biosocial matters, with the following link.  However, I never expected Homo dollarus to pay any serious attention to such knowledge and theories, and I have been right in my pessimism in this regard.  I spent time and effort in developing this theory, because I am convinced that it is true and is necessary for the great causes of social justice, truth, goodness, peace, and integrity of human nature, soul, spirit, and intellect, prevention of their further distortion, perversion, and erosion, under capitalism and imperialism, and for the possibility of future restoration and rehumanization of human nature.  This new and original theory is the first and only biosocial and epigenetic theory ever conceived and written on these complex matters.

The complex Syrian civil war and war, in which so many imperialist and other foreign countries are involved, has been a time bomb for expansion into much larger conflicts and wars, including World War III. As the terrorist organizations; supported, financed, armed, and led by the US, NATO, and other countries; have practically lost the war, and Syrian government forces, supported by Iran, Russia, and Hezbollah have practically won the long and devastating war, the imperialists and their local allies are resorting to absolutely irrational, frenzied, and impossible allegations of chemical attack by the Syrian government forces in Douma, like they did earlier in another area of Syria, creating a pretext to launch missile attacks against a Syrian base. I had written an article about that, with the following link. What was written in that is also applicable to this new concoction.


I just read that a large scale attack was launched by the US, UK, and France on several targets in Syria.  It is too early to know all the details of this new imperialist technocratic barbarism.  However, as in case of many previous wars, invasions, and attacks in the past, like the Gulf of Tonkin incident in Vietnam, weapons of mass destruction and other pretexts in Iraq, etc., this new attack is also based upon clumsy and totally impossible and irrational lies and fabrications. Just because a superpower, and some of its NATO allies, which have a history of such lies and fabrications, are again engaging in such behavior, does not give these any credibility whatsoever.  To the contrary, it further erodes and tarnishes their credibility.  The duty of any genuine intellectual is to investigate the real facts, logic, and truth in such matters, bracketing and ignoring all the realities of power.

This action by the US, UK, and France, the three foremost imperialist powers in history, is also extremely dangerous, reckless, and provocative, as the superpower of Russia and regional power of Iran are also involved in the Syrian quagmire, which can explode into much larger wars and conflicts, including the World War III.  It was launched in spite of and in face of the warnings of counteractions by Russia and Iran.  We will have to wait and see the consequences and further actions and reactions.

Information published in the British newspaper, “Independent” , shows that the Syrian air defenses were able to intercept large numbers of launched missiles.  It cites the statement of Russian Defense Ministry, in which it claimed that 71 of the 103 missiles were intercepted. Reuters reported a third of the missiles were destroyed.  So, it seems that even without the direct response of Russians, the Syrians were very successful in responding to this new attack, and the attack was mostly a failure.  These missiles were launched at targets far away from areas under the responsibility and control of Russians.   I have still not found this information in the American media.

At the end of video, it says to also remember that the “Empire of Indoctrination is not that all powerful. It is afraid of reason.  Remember it is afraid of reason”.  However, the Empire of Indoctrination has actually mutated Reason into Capitalist Technological Rationality and successfully replaced the former with the latter.  Real Human Reason is now a mirage in the ACITS, only run after by the rare contemporary Don Quixotes, who appear to the Homo dollarus as madmen.…/the-us…/




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