The 2009 speech of the late Brother Leader Moammar Gadhafi at the UN and the Libyan counter-revolution implemented by the US and NATO imperialism

By Fazal Rahman, Ph.D.                      June 4, 2017

 In March 2011, around seven months before the brutal and sadistic murder of Brother Leader of Libya (that is what he preferred to be called), Moammar Gadhafi, I had written an article, “Gadhafi, Libya, counter-revolution, and the imperialist pack of hyenas”, which was first posted on  and later posted on my own web site (1) .  That article had briefly described the great accomplishments of the 1969 Libyan Revolution, which was brought about under the leadership of Gadhafi.  It also analyzed the nature and causes of some radical changes and contradictions in the Libyan policies and actions, in the aftermath of the Grand Betrayal of Socialism in the former USSR and China.  Another article also included relevant information about some of these matters (2).

Gadhafi was forced to bend over backwards all the way, in order to adjust to the new international situation and balance of forces and to try to save Libya from the same kind of devastation, as was inflicted on Afghanistan, Iraq, and Yugoslavia.  However, none of his compromises and adjustments were enough to prevent the American and NATO aggression against him, his country, and his people.  In retrospect, it would have been far better if he had stuck to his revolutionary principles, and policies based upon them.  He was a strong supporter of many national liberation movements, and had extended crucial economic and military assistance to them in their struggle against imperialism, colonialism, and neo-colonialism.  However, in face of US and NATO imperialist aggression against him and Libya, no one came to his aid.  Everyone betrayed him, including the African Union, in the establishment and development of which, he had played a crucial role.  Even Russia and China, with whom Libya had important political and economic relations, did nothing to counteract the imperialist aggression.  The UN allowed itself to be used as a cover and tool for that aggression.  Just like in Afghanistan and Iraq, most of the NATO and other European countries either participated in that imperialist war or condoned it.  Saudi Arabia and other oil-rich monarchies were always against the progressive, socialist, and democratic ideas, policies, and actions of Gadhafi, and were happy to see him and Libya destroyed by imperialism.

Gadhafi’s 2009 Speech at the UN (2009 speech at the UN. With English translation)

The above link is to the 2009 speech of late martyred Brother Leader of Libya, Moammar Gadhafi, at the UN, in which he did not mince any words in exposing and describing some of the great crimes and sins (the word crime is inadequate to  characterize the evils and injustices, some of the most monstrous of which are not even considered as crimes, and are legal and normal, under capitalism and imperialism.  Sin can include all policies and actions that are unjust and evil and against justice, goodness, love, compassion, peace, and other human qualities and values.  Even though, sin is normally used in religious terms, it can, and should be, also used in secular terms) of the US and Western Imperialism against various Third World countries, in which countless millions were slaughtered, internally displaced, forced to flee into other countries as refugees, their infrastructures and means of living eroded and destroyed, as well as the collaboration of the UN- undemocratically dominated by the five big powers of the Security Council, which, after the betrayal of socialism and anti-imperialism in the former USSR that disintegrated during that process, and China, has been increasingly dominated by the US, UK, and France, with very long histories of imperialism, colonialism, and neo-colonialism- in all that. Such bold, courageous, and truthful statements, insights, and analyses, as contained in Brother Leader Gadhafi’s UN speech, have become increasingly very rare during the past four decades, even though these were quite common during the upsurge of national liberation movements and ascendancy of socialist countries during the 1960s and 1970s.  Such truths are impossible to come out of the robotically programmed and “civilized” (hypocritical) brains and mouths of the Western capitalist and imperialist leaders.

However, like countless millions of leftists and minorities in the US, as well as billions world-wide- including even some experienced and famous anti-imperialist leaders, like Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro-, Gadhafi had illusions about the first “Black” President of the US, Barack Obama.  He failed to understand that most successful Afro-Americans in the US, after crossing the class barriers, become part of the upper classes, which are predominantly White Anglo-Saxons. Even though such Afro-Americans speak and act in diverse ways about monstrous racism, inequality, poverty, all types of classist and racist brutalities that overwhelming majority of Afro-Americans suffer in the US, almost all of them fail to identify and address the deep underlying roots of these problems, which grow out of the interconnected political economies of capitalism, imperialism, and racism.  They do not want to rock the classist boat, which has elevated their financial, political, and social status and has integrated them with the upper classes of Anglo-Saxons.  They engage in different types and levels of hypocrisy in this regard.  Most of their policies and actions in the international affairs, including in regard to Africa and the Third World in general, are also determined by the same integration into the predominantly White Anglo-Saxon upper classes.  To expect anything different, under the prevalent conditions of extreme types and forms of domination of Capital and Money over all reality- including the human reality and human nature- and extreme alienation and reification, would be delusionary.

Libya, after the 1969 Revolution, under Brother Leader Gadhafi, had made such great progress in human, natural resources, educational, agricultural, and social justice development, as well as in other areas, that it was not only the envy of the Third World countries, but, in some areas, also that of the so-called First World and Second World countries.  Gadhafi had also created a new and original model of democracy for Libya, which, especially in its substantial outputs, was far more democratic and just than the typical capitalist democracies of the West.  Gadhafi had gone as far as any leader of a Muslim country could go in creating and implementing Islamic form of socialism in Libya.  It was particularly designed and suitable for Libya, with its enormous petroleum and other resources, large geographical size, and relatively small population.  Some precise information in this regard can be found in his Green Book and other sources (3).

As everyone knows, US and NATO created, armed, trained, and financed the so-called “Islamist” rebellions against Gadhafi and the Libyan government.  They also acted as their clients’ airforce, destroying the resistance of Libyan military forces, which were no match for them, as well as much of the infrastructure.  At the end, in October 2011, they bombed and trapped Gadhafi’s convoy and led some of their most brutal allies to his location, where he was captured, monstrously tortured, and murdered by them.  His naked body was displayed in public for days in a freezer, before a secret burial. One of his sons was also tortured and killed in a similar way.  No words and no language can adequately describe and characterize such diabolical and brutal injustice and murder of one of the greatest African and Third World leaders, by the US, NATO, and their local clients.

Facts about Libya under Muammar Gadhafi (3)

.There was  no electricity bills in Libya; electricity is free … for all its citizens.
• There was  no interest on loans, banks in Libya are state-owned and loans given to all its citizens at 0% interest by law.
• If a Libyan is unable to find employment after graduation, the state would  pay the average salary of the profession as if he or she is employed until employment is found.
• Should Libyans want to take up a farming career, they receive farm land, a house, equipment, seed and livestock to kick start their farms –this was all for free.
• Gaddafi carried out the world’s largest irrigation project, known as the Great Man-Made River project, to make water readily available throughout the desert country.
• A home was considered a human right in Libya. (In Qaddafi’s Green Book it states: “The house is a basic need of both the individual and the family, therefore it should not be owned by others.”)
• All newlyweds in Libya would receive 60,000 Dinar (US$ 50,000 ) by the government to buy their first apartment so to help start a family.
• A portion of Libyan oil sales is or was  credited directly to the bank accounts of all Libyan citizens.
• A mother who gives birth to a child would  receive US $5,000.
• When a Libyan buys a car, the government would  subsidizes 50% of the price.
• The price of petrol in Libya was $0.14 per liter.
• For $ 0.15, a Libyan local could  purchase 40 loaves of bread.
• Education and medical treatments was all free in Libya. Libya can boast one of the finest health care systems in the Arab and African World. All people have access to doctors, hospitals, clinics and medicines, completely free of charge.
• If Libyans cannot find the education or medical facilities they need in Libya, the government would fund  them to go abroad for it – not only free but they get US $2,300/month accommodation and car allowance.
• 25% of Libyans have a university degree. Before Gaddafi only 25% of Libyans were literate. Today the figure is 87%.
• Libya had no external debt and its reserves amount to $150 billion – though much of this is now frozen globally.

After the counter-revolution, Libya is now drowning in anarchy and has become a pathetic country.  It has suffered similar all-round destructions, as those suffered by Vietnam, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Yugoslavia etc., before it, and Syria, after it, as a result of invasions and wars by the US and its allies.  American imperialists, and countless millions of highly programmed zombies under their spell, continue to peddle these destructions and devastations as advances towards “Democracy” and “Freedom”!  Such absolutely demonic perversion of mass conscience and human nature has been prevalent throughout much of the American history, evolving and enhancing its sinister grotesqueness constantly.  Such distorted false conscience and consciousness need, demand, and seek “information” and “knowledge” that fit into them. Overwhelming majority of news and other media, academics, politicians, corporate and business officials, and people themselves incessantly satisfy these needs and demands and reinforce and expand such distorted false conscience and consciousness.  There are very few tiny little oases of relatively genuine and unpolluted conscience and human nature, but these are constantly flooded over and drowned out by the huge and deep oceans of assertive, self-confident, and self-righteous deformations and perversions of mass conscience and human nature.


1. (First  posted on Dandelion Salad in March 2011).

2. (First posted on Dandelion Salad in May 2011)





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