Normalization of relations between Cuba and USA: the beginning of the end of 1959 Cuban Socialist Revolution

By Fazal Rahman, Ph.D.                    January 19, 2015

After surviving more than 56 years of all types of aggressive efforts by US imperialism to destroy the 1959 Cuban Socialist Revolution (CSR)-including the infamous 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion; numerous attempts to assassinate its leader, Fidel Castro; huge economic damages caused by economic embargo, sanctions, and other measures; constant CIA operations and creation and support of the so-called dissident counter-revolutionary groups inside Cuba etc.-taking advantage of the current conditions of extreme difficulties, faced by the small Third World nation of Cuba, as result of the grand betrayal of communism and socialism by the socialist giants of former USSR and China, as well as by former socialist East European countries-with which it had overwhelming parts of economic, trade, military, political and other relations-the US imperialist government has initiated actions to destroy the remnants of CSR by a new powerful maneuver: establishment of diplomatic relations and embassies, as a first step towards the subversion of CSR, as well as the following related objectives:

  1. Removing Cuba from the Russian and Chinese orbits.
  2. Diminishing and eroding its status as the center of gravity for the leftist and socialist governments and movements in Latin America, in particular, and the Third World, in general.
  3. Opening Cuba to investments, trade, and profiteering by the American corporations.
  4. Planting of CIA agents in the American embassy and greatly enhanced CIA operations of subversion.
  5. Reversal of the gains made by leftist governments and movements in Latin America by subverting their center of gravity.
  6. Restoration of capitalism in Cuba and its transformation into a client state.

From the US imperialist perspectives, it is an extremely smart move, especially in the current international conditions of developing inter-imperialist conflicts between the US and NATO, on the one hand, and Russia and China, on the other.  Among other things, this move is directed against Russia, to remove Cuba from the exclusive Russian orbit.

It is inevitable that the CIA activities will multiply in Cuba, after the opening of American embassy there.  Restoration of capitalism will also get a big boost through trade and investments.  The Communist Party and government will be unable to control or contain such powerful capitalist-materialist hurricanes.  Whatever benefits Cuba may obtain, from this new form of American imperialist invasion, will be of capitalist-materialist nature, and will be on the expense of CSR and its socialist revolutionary soul.  The normalization of relations will be between extremely unequal adversaries and this will affect all the future developments in Cuba, being the incomparably weaker of the two, in economic, political, and military powers.  The so-called normalization will bring enormous abnormalities with it.  The Cuban government seems to have an exaggerated faith in in its ability to control and contain the objective forces and processes of imperialism and capitalism that it is introducing and unleashing, within the framework of socialist political economy.  This subjective faith is totally unwarranted.  The subjective factor in Cuba is not developed or strong enough to withstand the onslaught of powerful imperialist and capitalist objective and subjective storms.  As is self-evident, the subjective factor was not developed or strong enough even in much more developed and gigantic socialist political economies of the former USSR and China.  The recent speech of Cuban President Raul Castro is full of such subjective illusions and unwarranted faith in and references to mutual respect for sovereignty, non-interference in the internal affairs, respect for differences of politico-economic systems etc., all in the face of the whole history of US imperialism, which demonstrates the opposite.  Cuba should know-and knows-that history better than anyone else, as it has been one of the worst victims of that.  However, in the rush to normalizing the relations, the current Cuban government seems to have chosen to forget it, at least for the time being.  As mentioned above-and as is self-evident and so well-known-the North American Colossus has been trying to quash the CSR in numerous ways for 56 years.  That imperialist project remains the same.   The change consists of a new strategy and new tactics to achieve the same goals.  After the betrayal of socialism in the USSR and its destruction, Cuba became very vulnerable and has been trying to figure out how to deal with and survive in such drastically changed, unfavorable, and dangerous new conditions.  It has already been forced to make some major changes and compromises in the development and implementation of its socialist political economy.  The American strategists have obviously sensed this moment in the history of CSR as a great opportunity to transform and subvert those changes and compromises-as well as create new ones-into a capitalist counter-revolution.  That is the essence of their new policy towards Cuba.

The so-called peace negotiations between FARC (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia) and the Colombian government-one of the most reactionary and right-wing governments in the world, which has a long history of being a puppet of US imperialism and sponsor of paramilitary death squads-are taking place in Cuba and facilitated by the current Cuban government.  In these talks, the current FARC leaders are desperately trying to surrender and extinguish the small revolutionary flame that has kept shining after the grand betrayals of socialism in the former USSR, China, and Eastern Europe.  What would Che Guevara have thought of that!  It is good that he is not here to see this happening.  In the current conditions of the all out drive of US imperialism to dominate the entire world and destroy all the remnants of revolutionary forces everywhere, to extinguish even such small revolutionary flames is the worst that can be done.  To the contrary, it is most important to keep them alive and to light them up wherever possible.  Of course, under the current international balance of forces, Cuba can no longer do what it was doing before, but it does not have to participate in extinguishing such revolutionary flames.

Whatever the US imperialism touches does not remain wholesome and gets polluted, corrupted, perverted, distorted, and mutilated.

Postscript May 26, 2015

A Brazilian anthropologist friend, who recently attended a conference in Cuba, informed me that there were numerous prostitutes and hustlers, around the hotels and in the streets, in Havana. This is very different than when the author had visited Cuba during 1982. At that time, there were no prostitutes, hustlers, or beggars there.

Prostitution involves the commodification of human body. If the Cuban government and Communist Party cannot even prevent that, how will they be able to prevent the capitalist commodification of everything else, under incomparably greater pressures, after the normalization of Cuban-American relations?


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