Biosocial and epigenetic relativity of human nature: Relative to political economy, technology, and culture.

By Fazal Rahman, Ph.D.

Written 1982.     Posted on September 7, 2015

Epigenetics and epigenetic evolution stand in relation to conventional genetics and Darwinian evolution, as Einsteinian physics stands in relation to Newtonian physics. Fazal Rahman

It is a question of the Third World starting a new history of Man, a history which will have regard to the sometimes prodigious theses which Europe has put forward, but which will also not forget Europe’s crimes, of which the most horrible was committed in the heart of man, and consisted of the pathological tearing apart of his functions and the crumbling away of his unity.”
Frantz Fanon

The Wretched of the Earth, (Fanon, 1963, p. 315).

We all live under the constant threat of our own annihilation. Only by the most outrageous violation of ourselves have we achieved our capacity to live in relative adjustment to a civilization apparently driven to its own destruction.
R. D. Laing

The Politics of Experience/The Bird of Paradise (R.D. Laing, 1967)


This and an earlier paper (Rahman 1980) have ventured into the terra incognita and focused on the effects of social environment on the epigenetic and biosocial regulation of human nature.  Undoubtedly, there are also the effects of natural and physical environment on such regulation, which are also important to investigate.  Various research studies with other forms of life, cited in the Review of Literature in these papers, reveal how changes in the internal and external physical environmental factors cause corresponding epigenetic and gene regulatory changes in various organisms.

A dialectical theory is developed in these papers on the dialectical and relative nature and regulation of human nature, in relation to and in interactions with the politico-economic, mass psychological, and cultural systems and processes of the social environment.  The main focus is on the totally un-researched and unknown areas and effects of such regulation on the epigenetic and gene regulatory dimensions. Some recent research findings which clearly demonstrate that domestication forces and pressures and directional selection (analogous to changes in the politico-economic and cultural forces and pressures in humans) bring about tangible and heritable gene regulatory changes in some animals are reviewed and correlated with the hypotheses and discoveries of our theoretical research. It is concluded that the imperialist capitalism-science and technology-culture complex, especially in its extremist forms and advanced stages, like those of the US, gives rise to extreme imbalances in the differential socio-genetic regulation of human nature.

Destruction of the ecology of nature is dialectically related to the destruction of the ecology of human nature, both being the historical products of the co-evolution of capitalism and technology. Continue reading


Mary Edna Tobias Marcy, A great writer and fighter of the American working class in the early 20th Century

By Fazal Rahman, Ph.D.              December 26, 2017

Mary Edna Tobias Marcy (May 8, 1877 – December 8, 1922) was an American
socialist author, pamphleteer, poet, and magazine editor. She is best remembered for her muckraking series of magazine articles on the meat industry, “Letters of a Pork Packer’s Stenographer,” as author of a widely translated socialist propaganda pamphlet regarded as a classic of the genre, Shop Talks on Economics, and as an assistant editor of the International Socialist Review, one of the most influential leftist journals.


My Review of her book.

Shop Talk on Economics by Mary Marcy

Marcy, Mary-Shop_Talks_on_Economics

Reviewer: Fazal Rahman, Ph.D. – July 16, 2014

Subject: Mary Marcy: Victim of US capitalist-imperialist repression

The author, Mary Marcy, was gifted with intelligence, integrity, honesty, courage, simplicity, selflessness, and other higher human qualities. This book was the result of those qualities. In it, she attempted to simplify the complex theories, concepts, and language of Marx and Marxism to make it easier and understandable to common working class and other men and women. She did an excellent job in doing that. This was a great service to them as well as to socialism. Capitalist and imperialist government repression and persecution ruined her career and life and the ungrateful American nation lost a great and passionate fighter and writer for justice and truth.

Demoralized by the disintegration of the American left in the years after the conclusion of World War I and suffering depression exacerbated by the loss of her Bowmanville, Illinois home, Mary Marcy committed suicide by poison on December 8, 1922, when she was 45. Her last words were recorded as follows: “I want rest. No funeral, no flowers, cremation.

My review of her book.

Out of the Dump by Mary Marcy  Mary Marcy-Out_of_the_Dump

Reviewer: Fazal Rahman, Ph.D. – July 30, 2014

Subject: A great soul and talent extinguished by American capitalism

This book is truly inspiring, especially in the current age of all-round decadence and mutilations of human nature. Mary overcame so many barriers and hardships so courageously, against all odds, and became such a great writer and fighter of and for the working class and for creating a classless society. Even though she was active in far more hopeful times, still the depravity, politico-economic ignorance, greed, selfishness, and decadence of human nature in the American society were incomparably more widespread in the population than the qualities of politico-economic knowledge and depth, working class consciousness, justice, truth, goodness, equality, and peacefulness. Extremist capitalist repression ruined her career, hopes, and life.



Rise and Decline of the Welfare State: Class Struggle and Imperial Wars as the Motor Force of US History

Introductory Note

by Fazal Rahman 12.16.2017

The following article by Professor James Petras summarizes the overall nature of the dynamics of American capitalist-imperialist political economy and the role of American labor, trade unions, and the working class, within it. It hits many big nails on the heads. The objective truths contained in it, on the collaborative and self-destructive role of the American trade unions and mainstream working class, in lockstep march with the American capitalist and imperialist class, are very rare, not only in the writings of mainstream writers on these issues, but also in the writings of progressives, leftists, Marxists, and communists. American politico-economic landscape has always been extremely sinister, frustrating, and disgusting. It should be self-evident that without the truthful diagnoses, as contained in this article, no remedies or solutions to these great and sinister problems are possible.

It is most important not to idealize the working classes and trade unions in general- especially those in the imperialist centers- and to document and analyze their actual policies, actions, and roles within the national and international contexts, as truthfully, factually, and logically as possible. Only in this way, their shortcomings and flaws can come to light and the possibilities for their reduction and removal and necessary transformations and improvements can open up.

Click on the links below to read the full article.

End of Introductory Note

Rise and Decline of the Welfare State: Class Struggle and Imperial Wars as the Motor Force of US History

By Professor James Petras

12.11.2017 :: United States

The American welfare state was created in 1935 and continued to develop through 1973. Since then, over a prolonged period, the capitalist class has been steadily dismantling the entire welfare state.

Between the mid 1970’s to the present (2017) labor laws, welfare rights and benefits and the construction of and subsidies for affordable housing have been gutted. ‘Workfare’ (under President ‘Bill’ Clinton) ended welfare for the poor and displaced workers. Meanwhile the shift to regressive taxation and the steadily declining real wages have increased corporate profits to an astronomical degree.

Wetiko: the devastating psycho-spiritual disease of the Human Soul

Introductory Note

Fazal Rahman, Ph.D.    November 8, 2017

In the following 2012 article, “Let’s Spread the Word: Wetiko” , the author Paul Levy discusses a psycho-spiritual disease of the soul that has been wreaking havoc throughout human history that Native Americans call wetiko.  During 2013, he also wrote the following book on the same subject (1).  It was received very favorably by thoughtful and critically thinking readers, who were searching for the causes of dehumanization and inhumanization in the modern societies.  Such books and writings are very rare, indeed, as vast majorities of billions of wetikos (people inflicted with wetiko, including authors and researchers), are totally unaware of being inflicted with this most devastating disease of the Human Soul and Human Spirit, and, instead, consider themselves to be most developed forms of human nature, while, in reality, they have become the most deformed and mutilated forms of human nature.  The erosion of Human Soul in modern societies, starting with those in the West, is very real and is also becoming universal, spreading like wildfire everywhere, including the East. Continue reading

Mental illness is widespread in the US

Mental illness is widespread in the US

Fazal Rahman

The following articles show that 20 percent adults (1 in 5) and 20 percent children (1 in 5) in the US suffer from mental illness. These estimates are based on people who have sought treatment from the mental health establishment. However, there are countless others who also have mental illnesses, but have not sought such treatment. Hence, the actual percentage must be much higher.  As indicated in one of the articles below, it is also rising in the college students.  Moreover, most of those who are considered to be “normal”, within the norms of this sick society, are, in fact, even more mentally ill- like most political, government, and corporate leaders, and countless millions of their subordinates and celebrity worshipers- than those who are diagnosed as such. Unsurprisingly, the incidence of mental illness is higher among the homeless and prisoners.

Even though there are no studies to discover the deeper social causes of such high rates of mental illness in this country, it is certain that these are ultimately related to the political economy of capitalism and imperialism, and the culture and mass psychology, which originate from that. Deep down, it is the extreme forms of capitalism and imperialism, as well as racism that results from them, which are making vast numbers of people mentally ill in the US. Continue reading

China: Reformers and Compradors

China: Reformers and Compradors

By James Petras       9.11.2015

Introductory note by Fazal Rahman

In the article with the above link, Professor Petras, one of the most knowledgeable and eminent social scientists and political-economists in the world, has partially analyzed the Orwellian “Communism”; corruption in all layers of society; especially in the top level party, business, and government officials; and emergence of new class divisions; etc. in China.

It is obvious that China has achieved astounding economic, technological, and military development during the last few decades. However, it is also self-evident that it has sacrificed and betrayed socialism and communism in that process, which is clearly manifested in its domestic as well as international policies and realities. It is bending over backwards all the way to appease the current Godfather of capitalism and imperialism, the US of A, with which it has developed enormous trade, financial, and educational relations, stampeding over all the fundamental economic laws and processes, requirements, and principles of socialism and communism. Objectively, the current politico-economic system in China can only be describes as state capitalism, run by a state capitalist government and state capitalist party, still calling itself “Communist Party”! Chinese “Communism”, “Communist Party”, and “Socialism” are all phony and Orwellian.

Continue reading

Story of a Pakistani prisoner being held at Guantanamo

I’m a Pakistani inmate at Guantanamo and here’s why I’m on hunger strike since 2013

Ahmed Rabbani    Updated October 17, 2017

 Ahmed Rabbani was arrested by Pakistani authorities in 2002 and handed over to the US Government under the claim that he was Hassan Ghul, a known Al-Qaeda operative.

The US Senate Select Committee that looked into the CIA’s torture and rendition programme has confirmed that his was a case of mistaken identity (see here at page 325). In fact, Hassan Ghul was killed in 2012 by a CIA drone.

Rabbani has not been charged with any criminal offences and has never had the opportunity to prove his innocence in court. Continue reading

The war of US and NATO imperialism in Afghanistan

Fazal Rahman, Ph.D.             October 14, 2017

Sixteen years of war in Afghanistan by US and NATO imperialism is the longest in their history. In spite of their incomparable high tech military and economic superiority, and after gathering the military forces of 50 client countries there, committing diabolical atrocities, and spending close to a trillion dollars, they have essentially lost the war against the poorly equipped Taliban and their allies that have been waging an effective and experienced guerrilla warfare against the invaders and becoming stronger in the process, again demonstrating the accuracy of dialectical theories of guerrilla warfare by Mao Zedong , Vo Nguyen Giap , and Ernesto Che Guevara. Continue reading